News and Events

Demo Day of the Innovators Academy (April 18, 2022)
We were invited to take part in the Demo Day of the Academy of Innovators organized by MIC. And we accepted the invitation with pleasure. Our foundation has been friends with MIG for a long time, we have created an Impact cluster within the MIC.

The best 10 projects, selected from 100 projects that participated in the Academy, performed in front of a full hall.

Investors were represented by the Angelshark Club, accredited investors of MosSeedFund, EdTech cluster Skolkovo, etc.
Speech to future entrepreneurs (April 15, 2022)
Always: at events and in private conversations, willingly and unwittingly - we inspire people to realize their potential. And we consider one of the most powerful self-realization to be the creation of our own business.

Pushkin Lyceum of Economics, Politics and Law within the framework of the School of Young Entrepreneur, a meeting of school students of the Lyceum, Chelyuskinskaya and Sofrinskaya secondary schools No. 2 G. O. Pushkin with Maria Aksenova took place.

She shared her experience, told the basics of entrepreneurship and answered the lyceum students' questions about business
Salon-laboratory of values
(April 9, 2022)
The old picture of the world, the old system of values, the old "system" and the old way of acting - do not work. And new ones have not yet been created. What will they be like and what contribution are we making to their formation?

How great is the value of cordiality and sincerity? The value of an ethnic group (traditions, schools, continuity).

Each of the participants made a speech at the meeting, and a heated discussion ensued with interesting conclusions, reflection and insights
Open meeting of Professionals (March 2022)
In the seething new reality, it is important for professionals to find points of support and calmness in order to continue to act accurately and effectively. After all, each of them is responsible not only for himself, but also for employees, family, and enterprise...

Now, more than ever. it is important to unite, support and strengthen each other.

At the meeting, each of the participants spoke and spoke frankly about what he cares about and how he copes with instability
International Non-Ural Non-Venture Forum:) (December 10, 2021)
The forum was held in a "silent" (business) mode - only startup presentations, investor questions, service companies' proposals and international expansion planning.

This year the forum was held at night on the Red October, in Moscow. And not only venture capital companies took part in it. Therefore, a proposal was made to rename the forum into the International Non-Ural Non-Venture Forum))

The Printing Pioneer Fund has been co-organizing the forum for the second year.
Demo day of the accelerator "Transport innovations of Moscow" (December 15, 2021)
Day-day is always a holiday for startup graduates and a great responsibility for the jury members.

Maria Aksenova, Chairman of the Board of The Printing Pioneer Fund, was invited to the jury of the accelerator "Transport Innovations of Moscow"

In the photo: Graduates and presenters of the accelerator;
Maria Aksenova with the head of the Moscow Department of Transport Maria Andrianova;
With Alexey Medvedev, Deputy Director of the MosSeedFund
Impact day (August 2021)
Impact Day is an honest conversation about how impact business works, about the pain, hopes and sources of inspiration of the founders.

The meeting was attended by the founder of the Go Global World community Daniil Kislinsky, head of the Department of MICIntersectoral Clusters Kinstantin Burnashev, Vice-President of the Fund Elena Golikova and impact entrepreneurs.

- What is impact, how to measure it - through external indicators or through happiness and meaningfulness of people's lives?
- Do state support measures help?
- Why does the "long game" and caring for others become profitable?

Impact day (May 2021)
At the event, we discussed import entrepreneurship and listened to the speeches of representatives of innovative impact projects to the investors.

Investors, experts and leaders of the impact communities raised relevant issues:

- What is the «impact» and what approaches are used to measure it?
- Why do impact values and impact thinking win the hearts and minds of investors around the world?
- Why can impact business be more profitable and efficient than traditional business?

And in the end, several interesting impact startups presented their projects.
Impact accelerator
Today, the opening of the program for social entrepreneurs «Towards Impact Investment» took place. It took a long time to prepare, to find partners and sponsors, to select startups and projects, working businesses that want to reach a new level, to choose trackers and mentors.

24 excellent impact projects have passed the selection (from 88 submitted applications from different regions of the country) - the composition is very interesting and strong!

This year, investors began to look closely at the participants from the very start, the program is supported by Forbes, the topic of impact is gaining momentum.
Meeting of communities
Yesterday, an interesting meeting of the AngelsDeck community and the Headliners club took place, two cases were discussed during the meeting.

First case is a large and sustainable project «Etnomir», which creates an eco-friendly space of meaning, creativity and creation.

And the second project – kindergartens for special children «The Light City» by Nadezhda Samoilova, which gives new development opportunities for those children who can not study in ordinary kindergartens and they need a special approach.

We continue to work on the development of the impact environment and invite projects that need help in twisting the business model and scaling to the nearest impact accelerator. We are at the finish line: the deadline for submission is April 8.
Piloting program with the Moscow Innovation Agency
We have signed an agreement on a joint piloting program with the Moscow Innovation Agency.

We always create additional opportunities for impact projects, and together with MIA we will be able to do even more!

Our package of support measures includes: piloting, entering the international market, attracting investments, preferential rental, etc.
The Expert round table
At the expert round table in the Moscow Innovation Agency, we discussed the implementation of EdTech products in universities.

Our discussion went beyond the rules and touched on everything: international cooperation with universities in Southeast Asia, the balance between conservatism and innovation in education, the problem of IT solutions' sabotage by teachers, the impact of CO2 concentration on the education process, the importance of commercialization, and even the history of the T-34 tank. ️

The round table turned out to be useful for the participants, so we agreed to meet regularly and help each other.
EdCrunch on Demand conference
On the session of the EdCrunch on Demand conference, on the 9 of December, Maria Aksenova, Elena Golikova, Avi Warshavsky (Israel) and Mikhail Paley (ANF business platform) discussed the entering of international market by the Edtech projects.

The founder of the StartExam Company Sergey Makarov was the interviewer at the conference. Many issues regarding the budgets, exact instruments and nuances of communication have been discussed. The topic was exciting and found a lively response from the audience.

Online conference «Re-skilling and development of employees' competencies as a response to the challenges of the time»
The conference was dedicated to development, training and re-skilling of the employees. Strong speakers, deep conversation. Elena Golikova told about accelerators as a tool for implementing innovations.

100 questions from parents
At the All-Russian conference "100 questions from parents", a discussion panel dedicated to online education was assembled and moderated.

The panel was attended by representatives of leading EdTech companies (, Puzzle English, Algorithmics, Maximum) and two well-known educational methodologists who themselves are parents of many children.
Moscow International Book Fair 2020
The Moscow International Book Fair is a landmark event in the world of culture, philology, and book publishing. Bestselling authors, educational and cultural figures speak here.

Visitors of the exhibition listened with interest to the speech of the president of the Printing Pioneer Fund Maria Aksenova. After the performance, Maria Aksenova gave an interview to one of the video channels.

One of the main tasks of our Fund is to popularize the Russian language, promote its study, export Russian education, culture and science.
Export Accelerator 2020 by
The Printing Pioneer Fund

Results of the Export Accelerator 2020 by The Printing Pioneer Fund.
Out of 26 finalist projects, the judges determined 6 winners in different categories and awarded 2 projects with special diplomas.

On the 2nd of September, 2020 an offline event "DemoDay" was held in the Skolkovo techno park.

Graduates of the accelerator have come a long way: they did tasks, met mentors, and experienced insights. The project founders presented the results of their work to potential investors.

Strategic impact session
We took part in a strategic impact session of the Headliners club. The guests were hosted by our long - time partner and friend, the ETNOMIR project (Kaluga region).

The most motivated investors and leaders of innovative industries gathered in 110 kilometers from Moscow.
A strategic session, several new ideas of cooperation, discussion about projects and development plans - these are the results of 2.5 days spent in a community of people who care about their contribution to the world (impact).
EdTech Review
At the largest EdTech conference in India, Maria Aksenova, President of the Fund, made a presentation about partnership in the format of International Joint Ventures.

Being an international EdTech speaker is a big responsibility. However, everything went well - the audience was grateful and supportive.

We were the only experts who had the honor to present awards on behalf of EdTechReview to several winning projects in the categories.

On the pictures - 1) the award, 2) speech, 3) at the press conference, 4) with the Professor of entrepreneurship.
Partner event with the Headliners investment club
The Education Exporters Association collaborated with the Headliners investment club during the Smart City event. We invited our long-time partner Ruslan Bayramov (ETNOMIR) to be the main speaker of the evening and he agreed.

As the guests have mentioned after the event, Ruslan Bayramov was great - a person with such a broad soul to look for.

The magnificent view from the 90th floor of the Federation tower, the good and great people, the warm atmosphere-this is how I remember this evening.
Rybakov Prize awards ceremony
On the magic date 02.02.2020 at the Rybakov Prize awards ceremony, Igor Rybakov and Ekaterina Rybakova promised to spend half of their family's wealth on education in the next 10 years, at least $100 million.

At the award ceremony, there was an amazing moment when the winner invited his father, who had worked at the school for 50(!) years, to the stage. It is always a joy when children remember and honor those on whose shoulders they stand!

The atmosphere in Pashkov's House (where the awards ceremony took place) was warm and solemn at the same time. Оur Foundation is happy and proud to take part in this event.

Participation in a panel discussion about EdTech in the Headliners investment club

The Winter island-2019. Personnel track
During the Winter Island 2019 event, we participated in two tracks at once - Export and Personnel.

The personnel track discussed how to solve the issue of conservatism in the education system, give way to high-quality projects, add new disciplines(competencies), establish the export of education, etc. We created solutions and recorded them in the digital footprint and heat map of the Winter Island and a roadmap for interaction between edtech businesses, corporations and the regulator.

In the pictures:
1) with the head of the HR track Oleg Podolsky;
2) with the participants of the working group;
3) description of one of the proposed solutions (December 2019).

Winter island-2019. Export track
During the Winter Island, we participated in two tracks at once - Export and Personnel.

In the export track, we were giving advices to the companies who are planning to enter the European and South-East Asian markets.

In the picture: with the head of the export track Zamir Shukhov (December 2019)

EdTech Invest Export Dating 29.01.20
On January 29, 2020, a strategic session was held for EdTech companies, held jointly with the Moscow Agency of Innovations in the CDP. The session was held as a part of of the JV (Joint Venture) creation program, which is run by the Printing Pioneer Fund jointly with the Lobachevsky EdTech projects accelerator, the Education Exporters Association, and Edunet.

The projects were divided into working groups and together with the moderators formulated questions and suggestions for the partnership format, requests for state support measures, as well as realized what they are waiting for and what they are ready to offer to foreign partners.
Meetup "Technologies in education" in The Gate Club on December 5, 2019
The Education Exporters Association members performed as experts at the G8 club event. Speakers discussed trends in the education market-2020, as well as took part in a discussion panel on educational technologies.
Our educational program on the digital economy has received a quality mark

Two developments were marked with quality marks in the Digital Start nomination for the Trainings Prize 2019. Togliatti State University presented the program for teachers "Virtual and Augmented Reality Technologies in Education". And the Printing Pioneer Fund presented the "Information Literacy" program aimed at training not only the basics of using a computer, but also the application of skills gained in everyday life situations.
Semi-Final of GESA
The President of the Fund, Maria Aksenova, took part in the panel of judges of the semi-final of the GESA educational projects competition.

We were satisfied with the level, quality, and elaboration of projects. And we are proud of the Russian EdTech (30/09/2019).

On the picture: with the Director of the University 2035, Vasiliy Tretyakov.
EdTech Dating
On 14.08.2019, a big event was held for educational startups, investors and experts in the field of education. The meeting was held at Villa Politica, on Rublevo-Uspenskoe Highway. The guests got acquainted with each other's activities and found opportunities for interaction for the benefit of education.

Prototype, Sol, NICK-development, "Dialogue of cultures-One world", the Impact Investors Association, GESA, EdCrunch were the partners of the event.
Education Committee of Business Russia
Representatives of Russian companies, funds, and non-commercial organizations serving the cause of education took part in the meeting as part of the Education Committee of Business Russia (on February 28, 2019)

On the picture: the meeting is chaired by Alexander Rudik
Speeches to Connoisseurs of Poetry and Participation in Creative Unions
In 2017-19, the President of the Fund, Maria Aksenova, held a series of speeches to connoisseurs of books and poetry. The speeches were held at many venues in Moscow, in particular, in the Central House of Artworkers, libraries, and the cultural center of the Armenian Embassy in Russia.

On the picture: the meeting of the Eurasian Creative Guild
Book donation to libraries
During the period from 2008 to 2019, more than 1,000 books were donated to libraries. As part of them, there were books of "Encyclopedia for kids Avanta +", a three-volume book "Do We Know Russian?", and a collection of poems by the poet of the Silver Age, Petr Yevdoshenko, who was found and reprinted within the project "From Oblivion ...".

The books were donated to the Russian House of Science and Culture in Berlin, the Giovan Pietro Vieusseux Library in Italy, as well as the libraries of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Crimea.

The first time the books were donated to 36 libraries in Moscow on the All-Russian Library Day on May 27, 2008. The event was covered in the "Culture Time" program.
The Book of the Week in the literature newspaper –
"Do We Know Everything About the Classics of World Literature?"

"Who were the classics in reality? Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, the Chief Editor of "Encyclopedia for kids Avanta +", a TV presenter, Maria Aksenova, tells about unknown details of writers' fates and their works", – the quote from the Literature newspaper (2018).

The Dictionary Day Was Held Within the Moscow World Book Fair
Recognized experts in the field of speech-language and culture: the polyglot Dmitriy Petrov (on the left in the picture) and the President of the Printing Pioneer Fund, Maria Aksenova (in the center in the picture), made a speech at the Dictionary Day.

They argued about changes in language rules in connection with creating "text message etiquette". Should the word «пичалька» (written with «и») already have the right to exist?
For Anyone Who Interested in Subtle Aspect of the Russian Language
Several meetings with the President of the Fund, Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Maria Aksenova, were held in BIBLIO-GLOBUS, one of the most famous bookstores of Moscow, in 2013-16.

The students got acquainted with the history of sayings, the names of residents of different cities, the subtleties and paradoxes of the Russian language, learned about the unknown pages of famous writers' biographies and indulged in the atmosphere of literary creativity and enlightenment.
Meeting with Readers of the Book "Do We Know Russian?" at the Molodaya Gvardiya store
Meetings with readers of the book "Do We Know Russian?" were held at the Molodaya Gvardiya store, one of the iconic stores for book connoisseurs.

It was very joyful to see how people with excitement take part in a quiz on the Russian language, with what interest they listen to, and with what love they relate to the language and its roots.
"Do We Know Russian?" – Three Books Were Issued with the Same Cover
The Russian language has many catch phrases! We use them easily and naturally! Intuition and a sense of language have almost never let us down!

But the question "Why do we say in such a way?" sometimes makes our brain dive deep in thoughts! Let's think together.

Why can print media be «yellow», and the market be «flea»?

How did the word «linden» appear in the meaning of "fake"?

What mistakes do we "catch" from radio and TV airtime most often? And what mistakes did Pushkin work on? We endlessly correct each other, but, after all, what is the correct way to say?

It is difficult to speak Russian perfectly. The main thing is to comprehend the logic of the language, be interested in its history and enjoy its beauty forever.
Meeting with Readers in the Bookstore on Vozdvizhenka
The President of the Printing Pioneer Fund met with readers of the book "Do We Know Russian?" and a quiz on knowing subtle aspects of the Russian language in the Moscow store on Vozdvizhenka.

In discussing the correct answers, readers shared with each other and learned from the author a lot of interesting and unexpected things about the language and the originating background for words, names, sayings, etc.
Literacy Round Table at the Moscow International Book Fair
A round table on literacy was held within the Moscow International Book Fair – 2012. The round table was attended by experts in the field of Russian language and book publishing, in particular, the Chief Editor of the Knizhnoye Odozreniye newspaper, Aleksandr Nabokov (on the right in the picture), and the President of the Fund, Mariya Aksyonova (in the center in the picture), as well as visitors of the Fair. There were proposals to introduce a publisher's responsibility for the quality of proofreading in the books published by him/her since it is no secret that visual memory is the strongest among most people and they remember the spelling of a word as they see it in books.
The Publication of the Three-Volume Edition "Do We Know Russian?"
Stories of words are more fascinating than any novel and more mysterious than any detective story. Why did a crow – a bird that certainly will not miss anything – become a symbol of thoughtlessness?

What words came to us from professional slangs?

Is using youth speak good or bad?

It is difficult to perfectly speak Russian. Even the most literate people make mistakes. The main thing is to try to correct them, comprehend the language logic, be interested in its history and enjoy its beauty forever!
Opening of the Monument to Arina Rodionovna
On December 20, 2008, a monument to Pushkin's famous nanny, Arina Rodionovna, was unveiled in the Borovsk District of the Kaluga Region in the territory of the Etnomir Cultural and Educational Center. The idea of creating a monument belongs to the writer Mikhail Zadornov.

He was supported by the Head of the Etnomir project, Ruslan Bayramov, and the President of the Printing Pioneer Fund, Maria Aksenova (with a microphone in the picture).
A Gift to the Vieusseux Institute in Italy
On March 17, 2008, in the most famous library in Florence belonging to the Vieusseux Institute, received a gift from the Printing Pioneer Fund – a book combining a collection of poems "Cascade Splashes" of the Silver Age poet, Petr Yevdoshenko, and a collection of poems "Blues of Emptiness" of his great-granddaughter Maria Aksenova. (Palazzo Strozzi, Florence).
A Gift to Moscow Libraries
The President of the Printing Pioneer Fund, Maria Aksenova, donated poetry collections of the Silver Age poet, Pyotr Yevdoshenko, to 36 libraries in Moscow on the All-Russian Library Day (May 27, 2008).

The book was found and republished within the Fund's project "From Oblivion..." and rightfully became the literary sensation of 2008.

The event was covered in the "Culture Time" program.
A Competition for the Best Proficiency of the Russian Language as Non-native
On October 27, 2007, the final ceremony of the competition was held in the building of the Faculty of Philology and Arts of St. Petersburg University. Svetlana Lavrentyeva, an employee of the Printing Pioneer Fund (in the center in the picture), took part in summing up and rewarding the winners. The Vice President of the Russian Society of Teachers of Russian Language and Literature (RSTRLL), the Dean of the special Faculty of Philology of St. Petersburg State University (SPSU), Yevgeniy Yefimovich Yurkov, is on the right in the picture.

The competition was held within the forum "Problems of Studying and Teaching the Russian Language as a Non-native (Second) Language" by the RSTRLL and SPSU. The main task of the competition is popularizing the Russian language. Many kind and sincere words were sounded from the stage. Participants of the competition proved their love for the Russian language and the ability to feel its internal logic, beauty and wealth.
Opening of the Exhibition "Russian People. Frank Talk" in the Russian House in Berlin
Having visited London, Glasgow, and Edinburgh, our Photo Exhibition reached Berlin. The opening of the Exhibition in the Russian House aroused great interest from all those who are partial to our country, our people and our language. The Exhibition was visited by people of different nationalities, ages, professions, and positions in society, but all of them were united by one thing: a sincere interest in life, thoughts, feelings of Russian people, and heroes of our Exhibition. From left to right in the picture: Mikhail Vladimir, Director of the Russian House; translator; Maria Aksenova, the President of the Fund.
Opening of the Photo Exhibition "Russian People. Frank Talk" in the Pushkin House
On October 15, a Photo Exhibition "Russian People. Frank Talk" was opened in the Pushkin House (London, UK).

The Exhibition was opened by Maria Aksenova, the President of the Printing Pioneer Fund. The opening ceremony was attended by the following people: the Director of the Pushkin House, Julian Gallant; a writer, a publicist and the Chairman of the UK-Russia Society, John Roberts; the President of the National Fund named after G.V. Sviridov, Aleksandr Sergeyevich Belonenko; a member of the Board of Trustees of the Pushkin House Fund, Irina Arsenyevna Kirillova; the Director of the All-Russia State Library for Foreign Literature, Yekaterina Geniyeva; employees of the Pushkin House; members of the public.
Opening of the Exhibition "Russian People. Frank Talk" in the Cultural Center of Florence
Maria Aksenova donated the Photo Exhibition "Russian People. Frank Talk" to Florence. The Exhibition was opened by Yekaterina Geniyeva (Гениева,_Екатерина_Юрьевна), Paolo Del Bianco (, and Mariya Aksyonova (Аксёнова,_Мария_Дмитриевна).

The Exhibition was opened in Auditorium, a cultural center of Florence. From here, it begins its journey through the cities of Italy

Opening of the Exhibition "Russian People. Frank Talk" in the All-Russian Museum of Applied, Decorative and Folk Art (Moscow)
On April 26, 2007, the Photo Exhibition "Russian People. Frank Talk" was opened in the hall of the All-Russian Museum of Applied, Decorative and Folk Art. We traveled to villages, talked with people, wrote down their stories and took their photos. As a result, a big Photo Exhibition was collected with quotes from the stories as notes under the photos...