Our projects' portfolio
CheckMe - a health management service for you and your relatives.
We help you to pass health checks quickly and without queues. (https://checkme.ru)
Educate Online helps children to receive high-quality foreign school education full-time, remotely,
as well as to enroll in the world's leading universities.
International studio of acting skills «MAINCAST»
International network of schools for career guidance and training for professions related to television, theater, and radio. A system of talent identification and online mentoring. International base of actors.
Skoro Sdam is a network of the Unified State Exam & the Basic State Exam preparation courses and a system for talent identification
International network of schools for in-depth studying mathematics, identifying talents and preparing for Olympiads. Leading Russian methodological developments are used here. (https://rusmath.com/)
An innovative project in the aviation industry. Baggage RFID tags. Airlines annually pay millions of dollars in compensation for lost baggage. The Longest Chance project reduces the chance of baggage loss to almost zero. (http://www.longestchance.com)
LAFELLE is a designer line of high-quality women's underwear, designed taking into account the peculiarities of the forms of Russian female figures. A balanced ratio of design, quality and price. A strong management team with extensive experience in the field of fashion and fashion retail. School of clothing designers.
Real estate management, legal advice on the acquisition, sale and maintenance of real estate.
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