Education Exporters Association
We help EdTech projects implement the following:
- opening of branches abroad;
- export and import of content and technologies;
- collaborations with educational platforms in other countries;
- search for investments from foreign funds and private investors.

We work with educational projects presented in more than 20 countries of the world, and faced the need to create an Association that can accumulate best practices from successful exporters in the field of education, create a library of roadmaps for interaction with different countries, develop mechanisms to support those who is just starting, and will significantly increase the effectiveness of promoting our best educational projects. On the other hand, many projects want to introduce the best technological solutions and educational practices in other countries.

Currently, each educational project does everything alone and spends a lot of resources on analytics in each country, translation, search for a local representative, distribution channels, etc. For most even very promising projects, this task is too expensive.

The Association allows significantly saving resources at all levels due to teamwork and a moderated process of mutual assistance.

The Printing Pioneer Fund and the Lobachevsky EdTech Accelerator are founders of the Association.

The Dialogue of Cultures – United World Fund is a partner of the Association. It implemented more than 450 projects in 29 countries of the world by having built interaction with representatives of government, business and society in each country. The Fund cooperates with 140 embassies and departments of foreign countries. The Fund's projects are supported by UNESCO, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, and the Russian Geographical Society. In 2015, the Fund was granted special consultative status with the support of the UN Economic and Social Council.

The Association's partners are also as follows: the Global EdTech Startup Awards (GESA), Skyeng, Codvards, IPR Media, the Association for the Export of Technological Sovereignty, etc.
EdTech Invest Dating
On August 14, 2019, the Education Exporters Association, together with the Lobachevsky EdTech Accelerator and the Printing Pioneer Fund, held EdTech Invest Dating – a great event for educational startups, investors and experts in the field of education. The guests got acquainted with each other's activities and found opportunities for interaction for the benefit of education.

The following Funds were partners of the event: Proobraz, SOL, NIK-Razvitiye, Dialogue of Cultures – United World, and the Association of Impact Investors.
Our Partners